Password Agent

Password Agent

Password Agent helps you keep all your passwords stored safely in one data file
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The more accounts you create daily, the more passwords you need to remember later on, a task that might prove difficult especially when you have dozens of accounts for your email services, social networking, work purpose and so on. Password Agent helps you keep all your passwords stored safely in one data file, categorized according to their functions.

Subjectively, I think it's a smart solution considering I can hardly remember passwords for accounts that I rarely use. Also, the application can be used for storing product keys for programs, bank IDs or other valuable information that need to be used later on.

If you wish to prevent other users from accessing your passwords document, the Lock File option will send the Password Agent window to System Tray and block their access by requesting the master password (a password assigned to the document when you started creating it).

Among all the presented features, the program also brings you various tools that help you locate passwords or notes within the created data file, generate passwords, backup the passwords document, etc. Considering the amount of offered tools and its low price, I say you could see this application as a viable solution when managing account passwords.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Comes with an efficient search engine
  • Offers password protection to any saved document
  • You can backup your password documents


  • When converting Note to Account, the results won't match exactly
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